The Womanizer is not just any sex toy for women, it is THE sex toy for women

Updated: May 11

A few years ago, a conversation over coffee with a girlfriend changed my life. We were sitting at a sidewalk cafe, it was a warm summer day and we immediately started to chat about our sex lives. My dear friend (45 years old) has always been very sensual, but she never had an orgasm in her life until she bought the Womanizer. Yes, it is the truth, and believe me there are many women out there that think its taboo to touch yourself. Sexual education just doesn't even exist in some cultures. I can be honest, when I was a blossoming teenager I thought that pee came from the clit, until I inspected myself in the mirror. 😍😂

Back to my friend. She was so excited and wanted to meet me because she had huge news. She was bubbling with anticipation and I never saw her so happy and giddy. That´s when she leaned over and opened her purse to show me something. It was a womanizer. She was ecstatic and I knew immediately from the look on her face that it had happened for her. She had experienced her first orgasm. I squealed with happiness for her and gave my best friend a huge hug.

For years I have been trying to coach my friend. I bought her various toys and vibrators to try, without any success. Who would have thought that she would be teaching me. I had never heard of Womanizer, but I understood immediately when I held hers in my hand that it was God sent. A new technology that surpassed my expectations. This device actually sucks on your clitoris.

I decided that my friend and I needed to celebrate our womanhood and asked the waiter to bring us a bottle of champagne. We laughed, and talked for hours. I felt so blessed to have such a good friend in my life.

As soon as I got home that evening, guess what I did? I Googled Womanizer, and I ordered one immediately. I was so excited to try the toy that actually gave my friend her very first orgasm. This, I had to try myself, no questions asked. The toy of the century.

Finally, it arrived in the mail. It was like Christmas morning when I unpacked my very own womanizer.

The first thing that I noticed was there were no batteries needed and it came with a charging cable with a USB connection so I could charge it on my computer. Yay! This was a luxury toy and I was not about to delay my first experience with it. Luckily I was freshly showered, my kids were at school and husband was at work. It was just me and my Womanizer.

I got comfortable in my bed and there was no foreplay needed, I was already wet with anticipation. Although, I do enjoy using a little extra lubrication to massage myself with. My all time favorite lube is PJUR WOMAN AQUA. It is not sticky and very natural feeling.

I spread my legs and separated my labia, and did as instructed. I centered the suction cup over my clit and then I turned it on by clicking the power button once. There are several speeds and I started with the lowest. I could literally feel my clitoris being pulled in and out of this toy. A sensation I had never felt before in my life! I quickly increased the speed and soaked up the intense feelings that were bursting through my body. Again I hit the button, each phase more intense and pleasing than the last. I was losing control over myself, my muscles started to spasm, I increased the speed. Then the release! I saw fireworks, the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced. And it continued sucking in and out. I came so hard and enjoyed the aftermath a few seconds more. It was still sucking me. I couldn't take it anymore. I pressed the button one more time and switched it off. I was in awe. What I just experienced was the Holy Grail of orgasms. The best part was that it was mine! I could use my Womanizer whenever I wanted. My fantasies were racing. I have to use this together with my husband, I thought to myself. To be continued in the next blog post!

So if you are a woman or you know a woman, this is the best gift ever!

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This amazing toy is the next on my to buy list! A womanizer 2 go! I absolutely love the idea that I can carry a concealed orgasm in my bag if the urge is to strong when I am out and about.

Womanizer 2Go is your perfect travel companion. Make sure to pack this pleasure accessory if you’re always on the move and still don’t want to miss out on orgasms! While it is optimized to be smaller, it still boasts Womanizer’s most prominent features: Pleasure Air Technology, six intensity levels and waterproofness. Additionally, the 2Go has a cap to ensure further hygiene. Its discreet packaging perfectly fits into your handbag – You never know when it will come in handy.

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